What is financial fitness? Being financially fit means that:

  • you know your net monthly income in the event of an unexpected death, disability, unemployment and retirement;
  • you know how to keep your income and expenses balanced;
  • you know how financial products work and that they fit your personal situation;
  • you do not pay too much for your financial products (mortgage/insurance);
  • you have basic knowledge of social insurance (such as AOW and ANW) and employee insurance (such as WIA and WW);
  • you know where to find financial information.

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Are you still uncertain about anything mentioned above? Then we recommend you make an appointment with us, so you can improve your financial fitness! Financial fitness provides peace of mind, insight, overview and cost savings.

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    High-quality, independent and comprehensive mortgage advice at a low rate.


    Employment Did you get fired? Unfit for work? New job? We offer tailored advice.


    Insight into (early) retirement and your financial needs after retirement.


    Divorce guidance focused on providing clarity and certainty.


    Optimising the private finances of the entrepreneur.

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    Insight into and overview of your entire financial situation, in plain language.