Being an entrepreneur is very different from paid employment. Many of the common social schemes are off-limits and there are risks that you will have to cover yourself. We offer entrepreneurs (DGA/IB) a comprehensive service, to sustainably optimise the private finances. We look at factors such as pension accrual, the risk of disability and death. What does it mean for your private situation? Which financial products do you have in your portfolio, such as a mortgage, disability insurance or life insurance? Is it possible that you are paying too much for these? Do these financial products still fit your situation?

We offer a subscription which includes all services of Finlife Financieel Planners. Taking out a mortgage and disability insurance are also covered by the subscription. You will therefore pay no handling charges for mediation for financial products and/or for our services with this subscription.

You have your own Financial Planner, who will invite you regularly for a personal meeting, to ensure that your private finances remain optimised.
If you would like, we can address the invoice for the subscription to your company instead of to yourself.
We offer you peace of mind regarding private finances and are happy to be of service!

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High-quality, independent and comprehensive mortgage advice at a low rate.


Did you get fired? Unfit for work? New job? We offer tailored advice.


Insight into (early) retirement and your financial needs after retirement.


Divorce guidance focused on providing clarity and certainty.


Optimising the private finances of the entrepreneur.

Financial planning

Insight into and overview of your entire financial situation, in plain language.

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