Getting a divorce has a major financial impact. How much are court fees, lawyer fees? What is going to happen with the house? It’s one question after another. Independent and expert guidance and help are indispensable.

And that is exactly our expertise. Your new future will largely be determined by your finances. Research has shown that many people are struggling with the financial consequences of a divorce. This is because one in two people in the Netherlands do not know how to go about getting a divorce.

Our divorce guidance is focused on providing clarity and certainty.
In addition, it is important to ensure that parties continue to communicate with each other. Sometimes, things are left unspoken or are unclear. We tackle these issues together. We must limit damage as much as possible, especially when children are involved.

These are topics that will be addressed:

  • drawing up a covenant;
  • arranging child maintenance and/or spousal support;
  • parenting plan for the children;
  • making a decision about the house;
  • complying with tax rules;
  • submitting the covenant to the court through a lawyer.

It is our goal to conclude the divorce in a pleasant manner, while minimising emotional and financial damage.

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