Financial planning

The starting point for financial planning is your current financial situation in relation to your wishes and needs for now and later. Financial advice from Finlife Financieel Planners will give you insight into and an overview of your entire financial situation, in plain language.

The following aspects may be discussed in a financial plan:

  • taxes;
  • financing;
  • matrimonial property law and inheritance law;
  • life insurance and pensions;
  • social security;
  • saving and investing.

Examples of some situations in which financial planning plays an important role:

  • termination of the labour agreement;
  • a new job;
  • terminating or starting your own company;
  • divorce, moving in together, or marriage;
  • birth of children;
  • retiring or pausing work temporarily;
  • buying or renovating a home;
  • the tax-friendly transfer of your assets to your children.

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High-quality, independent and comprehensive mortgage advice at a low rate.


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Insight into (early) retirement and your financial needs after retirement.


Divorce guidance focused on providing clarity and certainty.


Optimizing the private finances of the entrepreneur.

Financial planning

Insight into and overview of your entire financial situation, in plain language.

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