Death is an emotional affair. Unfortunately, finances always play an important role when somebody passes away. Your mind is usually not with financial affairs during this difficult time.
Finlife Financieel Planners is there to relieve you and offers you complete financial support, which will give you financial peace of mind.
Your personal consultant will assist you in handling the financial matters involved when somebody passes away.
We will make sure that the settlement of the inheritance and other financial matters run as smoothly as possible.

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High-quality, independent and comprehensive mortgage advice at a low rate.


Did you get fired? Unfit for work? New job? We offer tailored advice.


Insight into (early) retirement and your financial needs after retirement.


Divorce guidance focused on providing clarity and certainty.

Asset planning

To achieve personal financial goals.


Optimising the private finances of the entrepreneur.


Comprehensive financial guidance in case of a loved one passing away.

Financial planning

Insight into and overview of your entire financial situation, in plain language.

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